Saturday, September 9, 2017

Still missing you...

Some people compare the loss of a dog to that of a relative or a human significant someone. I think is very similar and I would even say sometimes losing a dog can be even more difficult. For some the dogs are their only everyday companion. 

You are never prepared to lose a loved one but you know it will happen at some point. If that significant someone is older, chances are they will depart first even though it is not necessarily the truth.  You are also taught to be independent and live your life knowing that you must write your own destiny because your family will not last forever (neither will you). 

With dogs however you know they depend on you 100%.  I shared with my dogson everyday. He waited for me at home everyday. He was always willing to love, to cuddle, to "listen"... or just be there without complain.   He never had bad feelings toward me if I didn't let him do something or didn't allow him inside. He loved me unconditionally. I miss him a lot. 

This is a simple layout (another one) about him.  

These photos were taken 4 days before he departed. 

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