Thursday, October 2, 2014

Vitis Vinifera

Hello my friends...

I took this workshop with Frank Garcia last Summer and it was very cool.  His style is very vintage and romantic, and though it is not necessarily my natural style, those who know me, also knows I adapt to every style and that one of the things I love about scrapbooking is precisely the variety of styles and the subjective side of it.  There's no right or wrong... just expression!

Well... when I saw the project we were making I immediately fell in love because there were corks, modeling paste, gesso and lots of paint to use....  Love to get my hands dirty sometimes!  LOL.  But not only because of that, but because I immediately had an interpretation for the visuals in the project.  And here comes the subjective part.  For some, this might be just a bunch of pearls and metals and corks with flowers assembles to look nice... For me this inspired me to think about all the process that is needed to create wine.  Yes... wine.  Wine comes from a natural plant, bush, fruit...tree... whatever you wanna call it... Then you harvest and start an amazing process to elaborate wine depending on the kind.  It can go directly to a bottle, or go to aging in barrels...  You can keep it to one grape, or you can blend with others...  Anyway... It's magic.

For me, this project shows the process that provides a magic liquid called wine.  I know... I know... I'm bias.  LOL!
You can see the flowers for the natural element, the metal rings and embellishments to represent machinery and process, the pearls in different colors that represent the liquid resulted from the elaboration, and the corks that represent the preservation of wine.

So long story long... I finished the project in the class but had not put a photo and title on it, so thought I should share with you.

Here it is.

I used a photo of my dear husband with a glass of wine, and the title is vitis vinifera.  This is the scientific name of the grape vine.

The frame is now carefully placed in a special wine corner in my house.

Tks for your visit.

The colors I used are a bit different from the original project and I also minimized the use of elements.  There are some elements I didn't even use because I didn't want it too busy.  If you wanna see the original inspiration project, click HERE.


Analia Cristina said...

Hi cyber friend,this is a beautiful work and a good idea too!I live in a Tuscany(Italy),the land of a good wine!Kisses!

Patry Ro said...

Hola Myr!! Que proyecto formidable y atractivo!!!! Quedó genial el uso de elementos con los que decoraste cada cm de él. Felicidades por esta bella expresión de arte!!! Saludos!!!