Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Kraft...getting ready for Monday!

Well, well, well...  Tomorrow is Monday!

I am not supposed to over think it... but it is inevitable... I have to think about it.  But making this card helped me wake up a little bit and don't worry that much...

I used kraft as base and deliberately aligned lines of color with watercolor pencils.

I then used my water brush to spread the colors and play with the transitions...

There's this saying I love and I really believe...  Attitude is everything!  Some people dedicate their lives to complain about others' decisions or behavior towards them, while losing the opportunity to just be happy.  Or sometimes, the problems or situations we all have, can be too hard on us but we need to keep it up.  I love this sentiment stamp because it really captures this feeling. 

I also used kraft and vellum flowers and some sequins for finishing touches.

Whit this message... I'm ready for Monday.

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