Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Guest Designer for SEM

Happy Sunday my friends...

Hope you are having a wonderful time today.  

My post today is to link you to another post at Scrapping Everyday Miracles blog.  

I am so excited because they have trusted me to be August Guest Designer.  It's so cool they like my style and appreciate my work.  So, I've opened my heart ... please go visit them HERE.... and get to know me a little bit more.

You'll probably miss me this week because I will be out of town on a business trip so the activity around this blog will be limited... (let's see what happens today... maybe I can schedule a few things... but no pressure...LOL!).

However, you will be able to see some of me in my post at SEM as guest designer...  so don't forget to stop by at SEM again next Thursday... I hope I can somehow inspire you with what I have prepared.

Have a great weekend.

I'll leave you with this photo of me and Malbec at Villa Montaña (Isabela, Puerto Rico).
Hope you like it!

Thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful comments... and don't forget to love your imperfection and show it with pride!


Analia Faul said...

Qué vida eh?Si supieras qué envidia con el calor africano que hace aqui!Un abrazo!

Jojorenee said...

Congrats!They're wonderful over at SEM

JAY said...

Que belloooo! Felicidades!

jecg1999 said...

La foto esta genial para una paginita de SB, esta linda.

Myrna Marcano said...

Felicidades Myra!!!!!!

Gracias por compartir tus hermosos y creativos trabajos.

Abrazos, Myrna