Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Project of the Year and Cheers!

Happy New Year's Eve!

Hope you are getting ready for the party tonight and to welcome a great 2011 full of surprises, happiness, love and much more.

Year 2010 was a pretty good year for me... different things happened... good and not so good... great and little... wished and unexpected... happy and sad... but all of them made me be the person I am now to receive 2011.

One thing that happened is that I decided to have this blog to express myself and share scrapbooking projects with you, my friends. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope I can continue posting information relevant to your needs and interests... maybe it's a project, maybe just a word, and just something that makes you laugh... Please continue visiting me in 2011. Tell your friends about my blog... maybe they'd like it too.

And I hope 2011 becomes a great year for you too.

Let me share this last project of the year I made a couple of weeks ago. It's a very simple project. You just need a tin and according to the size of it, you make your project. I had this octagonal tin with lid, of about 7". I cut a circle to fit in and embelished to use as frame for a 6"x4" photo. It's like making a little layout for one photo.

I used chipboard and covered with patterned paper and embelished with Xmas details.

Before applying glue or adhesives to all, I made sure to include two ribbons between the two chipboard sides, and attached with brads. These would serve as handles for a wood stick as you can see in next photo.

It serves as a nice gift for someone. You can include a photo, or leave it without it so the person can place the desired photo.
Place all in the tin as a Xmas gift.

The models in the photo are a nephew and two nieces. Hope you like it!!!

(patterned paper: Basic Grey, Memory Stor; embelishments: Fancy Pants; brads: Portafolia; ribbon: EK Success; others: Adhesives, chipboard, Martha Stweart punch; wooden stick, tin)

And... because tonight you will need something to drink in a glass... I will tell you about this recently discovered sparkling wine... Well... should I call it champagne? Yes, It's from Champagne, France. And there are several things I like about this champagne.

#1: It's not expensive... we bought it for about $10...
#2: It's from France... Most say best champagnes are from France!!! There are great cavas (sparkling wines from Spain are called cavas; just the ones made in Champagne, France you can call it champagnes), and other sparkling wines I love... but it's France, the mother of them!!! hahahaha)
#3: It's not made from the traditional grapes used for sparkling wines, which are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay... It's from Tempranillo! Yes, you read it right... Tempranillo....
#4: Tempranillo is a grape most popular in Spain... it's like the national grape! But this delicious liquid in a bottle was made from tempranillo... in France... crazy crazy...

This champagne tastes a bit stronger than others in terms of body... without losing the refreshing and bubbling sensation of a great champagne... If you like sparkling wines, you should also try this one... If you like tempranillo you should definitely try this Veuve du Verney... I don't even know how to pronounce it, and maybe I'm not giving you expert tips about it... but believe me... it's good.

And... if you are looking for a cava for tonight... and you like rosé, try Segura Viudas... very economical too... you can find almost everywhere... and will never let you down.

Happy New Year!
Let's celebrate the joy of being imperfect and be proud about it!!!



MARILYN said...

Hermoso tu proyecto, me encanto!! Amiga muchas Bendiciones en El NY!! Y el champagne se ve rico..que lo disfrutes!!!

JAY said...

Buenda idea, te quedó bien chulito. Gracias por los consejos de champagne. Eres tremenda! Te felicito.

Maribel said...

Bien Chulito el proyecto. Feliz Año.