Tuesday, March 29, 2022


Hello friends.

Thank you all again for last week's journey...   I enjoyed sharing my creations, reading your comments, inspiring one another, and all.

Thanks also to Unity Stamp Co for this great opportunity provided to all of us. :)

The winners of $20 credit towards Unity Stamp Co products are:

Jan Vint

Oh Dolphin Lady

Congratulations creative souls!

You should please email kelli@unitystampco.com to claim your gift credit within 2 weeks.  Please kindly include in the subject line:   "Winner from Edelmira's GIU week", so Kelli can instantly recognize you and coordinate to send you the gift.

Thanks again... and don't forget to be imperfect so you  have more fun in this life journey.

Friday, March 25, 2022

2022 GROWING IN UNITY WEEK - POST #5 - You Are Wonderful in Every Way

This is it...

This is post #5 of my Growing in Unity week.
It's been fun and worthy.  Thank you Unity Stamp Co for this great opportunity.

Remember to leave comments in all the 5 posts I've been sharing this week... this is your last one.  Unity Stamp Co will provide two prizes for two lucky winners.  And if you leave your comments also in my Facebook and Instagram pages... you will add chances to win.  

My fifth project is another card and the message is simple:   You are Wonderful in every way.  And this is true because we are wonderful just the way we are.  We don't have to be certain way to be wonderful already.  We are all different, and we all are great.

For the background of this card, I used Unity Stamp Co patterned paper from Magnolia Dreams collection.    The stamps are from an Itty Bitty called Wonderful Girl.  I used other elements besides the fussy cut image, such as a charm, a piece of burlap, sequins, and the sentiment.   I colored the image with alcohol ink markers.


And I made a  bonus 6th. project. :). It's another card with another powerful message and images from a kit call Little Rebellion.  Sometimes we ignore our callings.  We think the things we are passionate about are just random or just because we are like this or like that, or because of the circle of family and friends... but they might be our calling.  Look closer and evaluate those things that make you happy and make you feel yourself...

For the card I stamped the image first and colored  with watercolor pencils, then stamped in a separate paper and fussy cut to make a mask and cover the image.  I then used scribble sticks from Ranger to color the background with I then activated with water.  I used a stencil from Prima Marketing with some distress ink from Ranger to accentuate the background.  Also stamped the sentiment and other image.  Notice I messed up this image when I glued all to the card base, but since these scribble sticks are so fabulous I could later defined some lines and add water when needed to repair a bit the mess I made.  But you know... I like imperfection so this don't bother me anyway... LOL!  I added some sequins and this is a wrap!!! 

We have just finished a great week and I will enjoy your comments here in the blog, Facebook and Instagram.  Stay "in tune" for the winners announcement within the next week.

Thanks again.   Don't forget to be imperfect.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

2022 GROWING IN UNITY WEEK - POST #4 - Falling Apart

 Hi to all.

This is post #4 of my Growing in Unity week, thanks to Unity Stamp Co friends.  This is a great opportunity to share my projects and get your comments... and have fun.   Make sure to visit all my posts from this week (5 in total) and leave comments to be able to participate for the opportunity to win prizes with Unity Stamp Co.  See more information in my post #1 HERE.

I've dedicated my week to share inspirational messages and remind ourselves of our imperfection, strength and beauty.

This card means a lot to me, not only because it is made with a beautiful kit called Falling into Place, but because I really believe in this sentiment from my heart, and from own experience.  I believe that when you think that the events happening to you in life are tearing you apart, they might actually being a preparation for other events, and at the end it all makes sense.  It's amazing how life is... and I truly believe in this.

I always had in my mind to apply a puzzle somehow to this sentiment because it really express the falling apart idea, and the pieces coming together to give you light...

I stamped the image in white cardstock, and colored with watercolor pencils from Kimberly.  I then cut it into pieces with a Darice cutting die using my Cuttlebug machine, inked the edges (messy on purpose because the pieces that you put back in place are not new anymore...they have lived)... and then placed in a background cardstock re-assembling the image.  I stamped the sentiment of the Falling Apart vs Falling into Place idea and added some pearl dots for a finishing touch.

Hope you like it, and somehow be inspired or comforted.

Remember you should also visit my Facebook and Instagram pages to see more photos and a quick FF video of the making... It'll be fun.  I will be enjoying your comments.

One more post to go tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

2022 GROWING IN UNITY - POST #3 - It's Ok Not to Be OK


It's already the middle of the week...  Time goes fast.
This is the third day of my Growing in Unity week.  Remember to visit POST #1 to check on the rules for the opportunity to win.

This week's about sharing imperfect projects and our passion for crafting and creating...  and I specially have dedicated my week to share messages of comfort and confidence because we need to remind ourselves how great life is, full of ups and downs.

I made this card and believe me... it is one of my faves because when I first saw this kit I felt it was talking to me.   It is called Quiet that Voice.  Sometimes one wants to be in control of everything -not in a bad way of controlling all around - but in a way that we need to be aware of all, help all, know what's happening, help again, be on time, be ahead, complete all tasks, be a good person, be happy...smile.  But you know what?  We are humans.  And the message is clear... It's ok not to be ok.

I stamped this image and I have to confess that started to color it several times, but the image is so strong (it's me in front of my computer sometimes... without the straight hair...LOL!)...  so I decided to leave it colorless.  The brightness and beauty of the background is our strength and beauty..  I first used a stencil from Prima Marketing and applied medium acrylic, dried, then I used some mica powder from UnlimitArt, and color sprays from Prima... all in a pink cardstock.
I fussy cut the image and placed with the sentiment. All framed in black.

Hope you like it... and remember to leave your comment.


Tuesday, March 22, 2022

2022 GROWING IN UNITY - POST #2 - Be Proud of Yourself

 Welcome to Day #2 in my Growing in Unity week.  Make sure to visit all my posts during this week and leave comments for the chance to win prizes with Unity Stamp Co.

You can also visit my Facebook page to see more photos of the project, and Instagram to view a quick FF video of the making.   (links to these pages are at left side in this blog).

This card I made is just about being proud of yourself.  As I mentioned in my post yesterday, this week is about reminding ourselves about our imperfection and how valuable we are.

Sometimes we are the ones being too hard on ourselves...

I stamped the image in white cardstock and colored with alcohol based markers from Kingart and watercolor pencils from Kimberly.
Then I set aside, and colored the background with scribble sticks from Ranger.  I added water and let dried, and framed with black cardstock.  Stamped the sentiment:  Be Proud of Yourself for how hard you are trying.  Added embossing powder to it and heated.  Then I added the fussy cut image with dimensional stickers.  I love the imperfect background with the artsy-painting look... and I love the sentiment as well.  Both stamps are from the same kit called Jane Girl (from AngieGirl by Angie Bloom).

Please leave a comment and visit the other pages to do the same so you have more chances to win.

For more information about the way this week works, read it all in my first post:  HERE.

Have a great week!
Will love to read your comments.

Monday, March 21, 2022

2022 GROWING IN UNITY - POST #1 -Trust the Timing of Your Life

Hello my dear friends.

It has really been a while since I last posted something in this blog. I actually thought I was not going to publish anything else in this platform since social media ones are really more popular these days.  Also, this huge Pandemic giving us lessons and making us stronger with great experiences, had something to do with it.  Who has not been touched by Covid-19 somehow?  Even if you are one like me, who fortunately has not gotten the virus, it sure has changed our way of life. (I don't see myself not wearing a mask in an airplane for the rest of my life, or not disinfecting items shopped.)

Anyhow, this week is very important, because I am the Growing in Unity person to share some projects with you and giving you the opportunity to win one of two certificates from Unity Stamp Company.   All you have to do is leave a comment in my posts that I will be sharing from Monday to Friday, and I will enjoy them all... That's it.  It's 5 posts in total.

I will be posting here as the main source, but make sure to visit Scrapper Myra's Facebook page and leave a comment as well, and if you want to even get more chances, and also view a quick fun fast forward video of the project, visit Instagram page as well.

My intention with the projects I created for this week is to remind myself, ourselves, and everybody, how vulnerable we are, how imperfect life is (and that's ok), and how we should embrace our journey, trust our timings, love ourselves, and just live.   This couldn't be more needed because I've been through so many challenges in the last months, and I've been doubting about myself sometimes. Lucky me to have myself to remind me I can do it, I am worth it, I am enough, and I should be proud.
I made cards using CAS style mostly, and of course knowing that imperfection is key.  You will see running ink, imperfect coloring, mess and mess...  that's me.

This very first day, I am sharing this card.  I used 2 stamps I've got from a grab bag... so you know Unity Stamp's grab bags are not about unwanted or  little stamps.

I stamped main image in white cardstock, colored with mixed media gel sticks from Kingart. Framed it with purple cardstock in the card base.  Stamped the sentiment in vellum (hard to dry... I know), and added a strip to the card.  For final touch added sequins and pearl dots using a Perlen-Pen.

The message of the card, and the first message of our week...  Trust the Timing of your life.  Sometimes we plan a sequence of events or happenings for us.  We even get mad if some of them occur later or sooner than expected... but you know what?  Enjoy the present... enjoy the journey, and trust.... don't forget to be imperfect and do your best.  

Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment.  

Sunday, October 18, 2020

We continue in a lock down... But first... Let's make cards.

Hello beautiful people.

This pandemic year has taught us a lot... and one of the things is that we still have to take care of ourselves and don't feel "too comfortable".  We need to keep the distancing and wearing masks when in public.  We will be out of this being strong and together.

Meanwhile, we continue working and supporting others... and also we need to find the little breaks to free our minds on creativity and relaxation.

These are some cards I've made lately.  This one for a coworker.

This just for fun and to contribute to a challenge of slim cards.

This other one to use this beautiful stamp for the first time.  Love this Unicorn.

Mini cards with dfferent images.  Love them all.

And this one I made thinking on my own birthday...LOL!  The surprise was that my husband didn't know but he secretly looked in my stash to give me a card and he chose precisely this one.  Hmmm Maybe I have curly big hair and love wine....

Hope you are having a great year.  Let's stop talking about a bad year... Some people have been through worse in other years.  There's always something positive to see around.  Look for those things.